His Eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Alzakzaki is the Personality of Twelfth Issue of Zad Al- Tha’iren Magazine

Sheikh Galilee Ibrahim Zakzaki, leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, was chosen as the character  of the twelfth issue of Zad Al- Tha’iren Magazine, because his case is one of the most unfair cases of the followers of Ahlal-Baiyt (peace be upon them) in the world, and for what he was subjected to with his family and his supporters.

14,سبتمبر,2019 | 14:08 | بدون تعليق

In its First Report in September, Network of Raids Documents Assaults on Ashura Ceremonies

In its first report of September 2019, the network of raids documented the arrest of four citizens, including the father of a martyr and a religious scholar, the summoning of dozens of Hussein’s preachers, al-Rawadeed, fathers of martyrs on the background of Ashura revival, and many violations against the prisoners of opinion, and the storming of many towns to remove imam Hussein’s manifestations.

14,سبتمبر,2019 | 14:03 | بدون تعليق

February 14 Coalition Mourns Imam Hussein “p” Saying: Ashura Will Remain Immortal forever and Inspirational to All Revolutions Worldwide

The February 14  Youth Revolution Coalition said that all the free people derive the momentum of their revolutions from Ashura revolution, following the example of Hussein “p”, his children, relatives and companions. It did not start on one day and remained immortal throughout history, as it is a human revolution for the right, justice and values Islamism, embodied in all the features of fathers, sacrifice and altruism, and was the strongest cry right in the face of injustice.

12,سبتمبر,2019 | 00:47 | بدون تعليق