The February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition Denounces the Al-Kahlifah’s Denial of Bahraini Shiite from Traveling to the Holy Shrines.  

The February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition said that the Al-Khalifah rulers’ prohibition of Shiite citizens in Bahrain from what all constitutions and religious norms have approved for them is the rudest and one of the most abhorrent policies of political and sectarian revenge that it adopts against them. 

03,يوليو,2022 | 23:28 | بدون تعليق

Anti-Normalization: The Normalized Al-Khalifah Regime Must Recognize that it Has Become a Partner in the Bloodshed of the Palestinians. 

The Anti-Normalization Campaign said that it has been recognized that the Al-Khalifah regime has completely stripped of its Arabism, considering that its standing by and watching the blood of the Palestinians that its “Zionist ally” shed daily, and their young men who are arrested by this criminal entity is the summit of disgrace and vanity.  […]

03,يوليو,2022 | 18:25 | بدون تعليق

The February 14 Coalition Continues its Meetings with Palestinian Leaders in Beirut.

As part of the preparations to commemorate the anniversary of the martyr “Muzahem Al-Shater”, a delegation from the February 14 Revolution youth Coalition met the Secretary of the Palestinian Allied Coalition Forces in Lebanon and the people’s Front for the liberation of Palestine- the General Command “Mr. Abu Kifah Ghazi”.

21,يونيو,2022 | 12:04 | بدون تعليق