‘’Hamad Al Khalifa’’ Stands Humbly, Apologizing to the ‘’Emir of Qatar’’

On Wednesday, January 18, in a meeting hold in the Emirates at the invitation of its ruler ‘’Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan’’ a number of gulf rulers along with Egypt and Jordan, including the al-Khalifi ruler of Bahrain ‘’Mohammad Al Khalifa’’ and Emir of Qatar ‘’Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani’’ were gathered together.

23,يناير,2023 | 00:45 | بدون تعليق

A Second Letter from the Political Detainees to Improve their Humanitarian Situation

176 political detainees in building number.9 of Jaw Central Prison wrote a second letter to the al-Khalifi regime, demanding for humanitarian situation in the prison and stopping what they are subjected to, due to the poor conditions, the difficult and the inhuman situation inside the prisons, a day after submitting a letter from the prisoners in building number.10, which increase the number of claimants to 338 political detainees.

20,يناير,2023 | 23:12 | بدون تعليق

Storming a Detainee’s House in Shahrakan and Smashing all of its Contents

Raids Monitoring Network reported that on Saturday, 7 January 2023, the al-Khalifi regime’s mercenaries stormed the house of the youth ‘’Qassem Hasan Abdul-Karim’’ who lives in Shahrakan, terrified its inhabitants and smashed its contents tampering with it under the pretext of the inspection (search), this comes about one week after his arresting from the police station.

11,يناير,2023 | 12:35 | بدون تعليق

The February 14 Coalition Reaffirm its Commitment to the Resistance Axis

The February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition renewed its consolations to Sayyid Ali Khamenei, the Islamic Ummah (nation) and the resistance axis on the third anniversary of the martyrdom (Leaders of Victory) the martyrs: ‘’Hajj Qassem Soleimani’’ and ‘’Hajj Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis’’.

11,يناير,2023 | 12:32 | بدون تعليق