February 14 Coalition: Pearl Charter is our Political Vision for Future of Bahrain

The director of the political bureau of the February 14 Coalition in Beirut, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Aradi, confirmed that the right of self-determination is the only way out in Bahrain, so that the country will have sovereignty over its political decision and its lands, and the people will obtain their full political rights.

21,فبراير,2020 | 21:05 | بدون تعليق

As February 14 Coalition Called for Burning Zionist Flag … Al-Khalifa Regime Prosecution Denies its Involvement in Imprisoning Citizen for this Charge

Al-Khalifa Public Prosecution Office swiftly denied what Al-Bilad Newspaper reported about the upholding  of a three years’ imprisonment  for burning the flag of the Zionist entity, by the illegitimate regime ‘s courts,  after calls from  the February 14 Coalition to burn it in confirmation of the popular rejection of normalization with the Zionists and the so-called deal of the century.

21,فبراير,2020 | 21:02 | بدون تعليق

Brother of Martyr Hussein Al-Jaziri.Arrested

On Saturday, February 15, 2020, Al-Khalifa Public Prosecutor arrested the young, Muhammad Al-Jaziri, the brother of the martyr, Hussein al-Jaziri, for a week, pending an investigation.

18,فبراير,2020 | 00:26 | بدون تعليق