The series of oppressive arrests is continued

Al-Khalifa regime continues a series of serial arbitrary arrests, where it kidnapped citizens and young people from their homes at night, after raiding their towns, and without any legal reason.

15,نوفمبر,2019 | 01:42 | بدون تعليق

Al-Khalifa regime puts Bahrain’s oil revenues into its account in international banks

Al-Khalifa regime squandered the money and wealth of Bahrain people on luxury, recruitment of mercenaries and the purchase of military equipment and weapons to suppress it, leaving young people without jobs with a substantial deficit of the public budget. The next generations will not have future or wealth, as all the dollars were deposited into the accounts of Al-Khalifa family in the international banks.

13,نوفمبر,2019 | 01:05 | بدون تعليق