Dozens of Prisoners of Conscience Released

On Wednesday March 11,  2020, dozens of political prisoners released after the conclusion of their term of imprisonment  in al-Khalifa prisons.

13,مارس,2020 | 02:31 | بدون تعليق

Citizen Arrested at his Workplace

Despite the crisis in Bahrain, due to the outbreak of Corona virus, Al-Khalifa regime continues to deliberately repress and arrest citizens.

11,مارس,2020 | 00:24 | بدون تعليق

Third Bahraini Citizen Stranded in Iran Dies

One of those stranded in the Iranian city of Mashhad died on Tuesday, 10 March 2020, a Bahraini citizen, Musa Ibrahim Abdul Jabbar, bringing the number of dead people there to three.

11,مارس,2020 | 00:13 | بدون تعليق

Clear Wallow in So-called -Al-Khalifa parliament- over Stranded People in Iran

Day after day, the falsehood of the so-called “Al-Khalifa parliament”, and the reality of its faked composition and form, are confirmed. In a move that can be said less than rude and sordid, members of the so-called ” Al-Khalifa parliament ” voted to keep the citizens stranded in Iran until their “recovery” of the Coronavirus , “Covid 19”, which has spread to many Iranian cities.

11,مارس,2020 | 00:11 | بدون تعليق