Activities ” Zainbiat of steadfastness” hold in Prisons

 People of Sanabis town marched on Tuesday evening 9 October 2019

 People of Sanabis town marched on Tuesday evening 9 October 2019 in an angry demonstration under the slogan of “Continuous”. The demonstration that comes within the solidarity activity with the revolution prisoners “Zainbiat of steadfastness in Prisons” organized by the Coalition of 14 February Revolution wandered around the town, in which men and women demonstrators  raised pictures of the six detainees “Hajar Mansour, Madina Ali, Zakiya Al-Barburi, and three sisters Amal, Ayman and Fatma Ali”, demanding their right to freedom. The demonstration ended with an angry revolutionary stance in which slogans of solidarity with these prisoners and their families and sticking to the right of self-determination were displayed. It is worth mentioning that Al-Khalifa entity detained throughout the revolution hundreds of Bahrain women on a political background. The female detainees were tortured and insulted inside the regime’s prisons, where it is still insisting on jailing these six female detainees and refusing to amend  their malicious charges despite the fact that they are deprived from seeing their children and families.

المواضیع ذات الصلة

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