Weekly Position: Salman Hamad’s Visit to Washington Is an Attempt to Break Out Of the Rut … And We Call For Support for Initiatives In Support Of Striking Prisoners

The Political Council of the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition issued the weekly position, which reads as follows:

Weekly Position: Salman Hamad’s Visit to Washington Is an Attempt to Break Out Of the Rut … And We Call For Support for Initiatives In Support Of Striking Prisoners

The Political Council of the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition issued the weekly position, which reads as follows:

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful

The Political Council of the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition condemns the West’s failing stance towards the issue of detainees on hunger strike in Bahrain, and places the US administration’s reception of the ‘’illegitimate’’ Khalifa Prime Minister within the framework of the appalling hypocrisy practiced by colonial governments in the world to achieve their own interests.

The Council calls for condemning this upcoming visit, and holding Washington directly responsible for the violations and crimes practiced by the Khalifa entity against the free detainees who enter the sixth week in the battle of the empty intestines without a real response to their just demands, convinced at the same time that their legendary resistance and the detained leaders of the revolution will not be in vain, and the ‘’We Have Right’’ uprising will achieve its rightful demands despite the false might with which the Khalifis cover their panic about the popular movement and their isolation from the transformations taking place in the region. In this context, we note the distinguished action of the activist ‘’Maryam Al-Khawaja’’ by announcing her return to Bahrain in support of her father, the human rights icon ‘’the detainee Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja’’ and the other of the striking icons and detainees, and we call for intensifying solidarity and protest action inside and outside the country in conjunction with this bold step.

In this weekly position, we stop at the following headings:

  • We consider the renewed arrest and targeting campaigns of the families of martyrs and detainees launched by the organs of the al-Khalifa entity as an expression of the complete disability in the face of the ‘’We Have Right’’ uprising, and the product of the bankruptcy of security policies and the disappointment of official deceptive misinterpretation attempts. The prime minister’s visit to Washington is nothing but an escape from the Khalifa failure in this battle, and in search of additional foreign support to break out of the rut in which the khalifi are sinking day after day. The opposition and the popular movement are concerned with deepening this Khalifi deficit and building on the exhaustion of security options by expanding the oppositional revolutionary and political work, and we see that this effort is an integral part of the goals of solidarity with the striking detainees.
  • We thank the free voices and positions that condemned the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the interim Zionist entity to Bahrain, and the opening of the den of the ‘’embassy’’ of the occupation and espionage in the capital, Manama, and we hope that the scope of confronting treacherous steps will expand, especially with the recent Zionist visits to Bahrain, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which calls for escalating pressure and popular positions to force these regimes to break up their normalization with the usurping entity, and to close the enemy’s embassies in our countries, which we consider it a hostile Zionist settlements that peoples have the right to resist it in all legitimate ways.
  • In this context, the reception of the Prime Minister of the al-Khalifa to the Zionist Minister for Foreign Affairs proved the sure truth about the Khalifi entity’s betrayal – with all its heads and pillars – of the people and their inherent values, and this man’s obsession with rapid access to the Chair of Government was reflected in the regional attractions of the Khalifi entity and given the large number of thieves within the entity vying to steal people’s wealth, and moreover, the visit of ‘’Salman’’ to Washington at this time is a new step to submit his credentials to the American master. It is part of his repeated efforts to gain the support of the Great Devil, with the aim of enabling him to fully control the entity’s throne in exchange for other mafia of his brothers who are fighting for positions of influence in power and looting the country’s resources.
  • The gangs of the Khalifi entity continue to plunge the country into economic problems and deprive citizens of their right to a decent life, as the policies of corruption and tyranny eliminated people’s livelihoods and deprived them of suitable jobs in favour of foreigners and mercenary advisors, all as a result of the lack of just governance and the country’s grip in the hands of this corrupt clique loyal to foreign projects and its criminal greed, as well as its hateful hostility to the people and the fight against the graduates, professionals and experienced of its native people, which requires a real union movement along the lines of what it witnessed remarkable breakthroughs in the history of the national struggle, and the unity of various segments and forces to confront the plans to impoverish the people and deplete the country’s resources and limited capabilities.
  • On the occasion of the start of the new academic year, we urge our dear students to work hard in educational attainment and obtain the highest higher degrees, considering this as one of the national and religious requirements to combat the policy of impoverishment, ignorance and despair pursued by the Khalifi entity against the people and their future generations.

We also support the directives of Senior Religious Scholars who urged students not to abandon religious education, and the importance of joining its centres that provide them with religious and moral knowledge, and strengthen their adherence to their authentic values and identity, stressing the need for religious and spiritual fortification to confront the corrupt and subversive project of the Khalifi entity, which bets on the disintegration of society and cutting it off from its religious constants to ensure the sustainability of its occupation of the country and its attachment to Western and Zionist supremacy.

Political Council – February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition

Occupied Bahrain

Monday, September 11, 2023 AD

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