Weekly Position: The Desecration of the Land Of Bahrain by the Criminal ‘’Cohen’’ Is A Khalifi Crime That the People Will Face With Anger and Escalate Resistance to Normalization

The Political Council of the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition issued the weekly position, which reads as follows:

Weekly Position: The Desecration of the Land Of Bahrain by the Criminal ‘’Cohen’’ Is A Khalifi Crime That the People Will Face With Anger and Escalate Resistance to Normalization

The Political Council of the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition issued the weekly position, which reads as follows:

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful

The Political Council of the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition strongly condemned the despicable visit of Foreign Minister of Zionist entity ‘’Eli Cohen’’ to Bahrain and the opening of the interim entity’s embassy in the capital city of Bahrain, Manama. It believes that this move once again confirms the joining of the Khalifi entity in the axis of terrorism led by the US, which represents its complete dependence on the colonial agenda and the hostility of the people of the region.

The council affirms that turning Bahrain into a base for occupiers and a den of spies will not go unnoticed, and the overwhelming popular rejection that faced the malicious visit of the criminal Cohen is only a microcosm of the great indignation of the people of Bahrain towards the repeated Khalifa aggression against the identity and dignity of this people, which calls for the renewal of the call for expanding the scope of resistance to normalization with the Zionist enemy in Bahrain and the Gulf in general, and the wide fusion with all popular activities and initiatives in this regard, including the ‘’National Initiative against normalization with the Zionist enemy’’.

In this weekly position, we, in the Political Council record the following points and headlines:

  • The visit of the criminal Cohen to Bahrain comes within the framework of the new balances that began to accumulate by the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank and all of occupied Palestine, where jihadist planning is escalating to stabilize the horizon of existential struggle governed by the fall of the interim entity, and this inevitable fate creates fear among both the Zionists and the normalizing regimes, and pushes them to jointly scramble for conspiracies against the resistance and its axis in Palestine and Lebanon, which will appear more in the coming days with the ill-fated third anniversary of the normalization agreements, which will be accompanied by malicious steps that undermine the authentic identity of the people of Bahrain.
  • We pay tribute and appreciation to the Libyan people and their vital forces, which have dropped the attempts of the Zionist enemy to infiltrate Libya and impose normalization on its people. These attempts will not stop and require all people in the region to take action as soon as possible, especially in light of the underlying tendencies of the Saudi entity to expand its relations with the enemy entity and pave the way for this by forcing other regimes to follow the example of normalized countries to conceal alliances hostile to the peoples of the region.
  • In this context, we salute the Palestinian position and the positions of the captive movement in the prisons of the Zionist entity, which extended its greetings and solidarity with the captive movement in Bahrain, which has been conducting a ‘’We Have the Right’’ strike for four weeks. We point out that the identical demands of the prisoners in the prisons of the two entities, al-khalifi and the Zionist, as well as the stubborn attitude of the two entities not responding to their just humanitarian demands, is another sign of identical fundamental between them and they start from the same criminal intent and the visit of the criminal Cohen at this time only frames this dark relationship between two entities founded on murder and the erasure of the identity of the indigenous population, this further strengthens the project of unity of resistance and struggle between the two peoples in Palestine and Bahrain.
  • On this occasion, we extend our warm thanks to His Eminence Sayyid Hassan Nasrullah (may God protect Him), who renewed the religious and moral position with the oppressed and free in Bahrain and Palestine, and called for solidarity with the prisoners in the Khalifa and Zionist prisons, and we express great pride in this noble stand, and we extend our congratulations to His Eminence and to the resistance in Lebanon on the occasion of the anniversary of the second victory, and the overthrow of the Daesh terrorist project that threatened Syria, Lebanon and the countries of the region, under the auspices of the United States and Saudi Arabia.
  • We affirm our support for the dear Syrian people’s choice to resist the American occupation and its tools of takfiri gangs, and we affirm that the ISIS threat still exists in light of the American – Zionist project, and with the Saudi entity continuing to blackmail the peoples of the region to pass its despicable objectives, which calls on the Syrian people – with all its categories and trends – to close ranks behind the loyal and resistant leaders, and to work together to repel any new sedition intervention that may target the unity of the Syrian people and violate the sovereignty of their land and wealth.
  • We extend our great thanks to the Iraqi people for their generosity and hospitality to the participants in the Million-Man March on the 40th anniversary, and we salute our free people who raised pictures of prisoners and martyrs and expressed their living solidarity with the strikers in prisons, thus confirming popular and revolutionary unity in the face of the tyranny of Al Khalifi, which did not stop fighting religious rites by preventing direct travel to Iraq and obstructing the large crowds from joining the journey towards the parade of Karbalai love.

This Yazidi policy will not achieve results with the faithful and proud people of Bahrain, who will continue to uphold their true values and original forms.

Political Council – February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition

Occupied Bahrain

Monday, September 4, 2023

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