Weekly Position: We Pay tribute to the Popular and Revolutionary Movement of Bahrain, as well as the Success of ‘’We Have the Right’’ Uprising, to Provide a Unique Model Globally

The Political Council of the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition issued the weekly position, which reads as follows:

Weekly Position: We Pay tribute to the Popular and Revolutionary Movement of Bahrain, as well as the Success of ‘’We Have the Right’’ Uprising, to Provide a Unique Model Globally

The Political Council of the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition issued the weekly position, which reads as follows:

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful

In the Political Council of the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition, we paid high tribute to our great people of Bahrain, who fill all squares and areas in support of ‘’We Have the Right’’ uprising inside the Khalifa prisons, which has been going on for two weeks.

We affirm that this renewed popular and revolutionary movement represents an important turning point in the course of the Bahraini revolution, as the hunger-striking prisoners were able to ignite, once again, popular vigour all across the country, stressing that restrictions and disinformation policies failed to kill the spirit to extract legitimate rights.

We also believe that the ‘’We Have the Right’’ uprising – inside and outside the prisons – it successfully unified the direction of freedom and liberation action against the caliphate’s tyranny, and provided a unique model in the People’s Liberation Movement schools and around the world, where our resistance people drew an integrated practical map between popular, field, human rights and media work, and the effective coordination between national actors, political forces and human rights activities, and constructive convergence between domestic and external forces, with the support and direct guidance provided by both the arrested leaders and the scholar leaderships.

In the context of these developments, the Political Council records in its weekly position the following headings:

  • The popular and field movement inside and outside Bahrain have successfully removed the mask hidden behind the Khalifi criminals and on the other hand, this integrated movement dropped all the bets planned by the Khalifa entity to extinguish the flame of the revolution. And due to this movement, the goals of official projects in the government’s human rights propaganda project have dissipated. – Sponsored by the UK and the US – hoping to hijack human rights record and whitewash the Khalifi violations.
  • In order to support the stance of the striking prisoners, we emphasize the lack of credibility of the UK and US positions on human rights and political situation in Bahrain. We consider that their statements and testimonials are a shameless circumvention of the truth about what has happened on the ground, it is just a meaningless verbal positions that does not reflect their actual policies in their relation with the criminal Khalifa entity, and that their colonial greed are their highest priority, and human rights issues are only useful tools for addressing their interests and managing their functional entities.
  • The battle of the empty intestine proved that the Khalifi entity is a smaller and miniature version of the Zionist entity, they are two sides of one criminal, racist and settler entity, which was confirmed by the striking prisoners of Bahrain who expressed their solidarity with their brothers Palestinian prisoners who are striking in Zionist prisons, and their belief in the battle of one dignity that brings together the Prisoners Movement in Bahrain and occupied Palestine, stressing at the same time the popular position rejecting normalization with the Zionist enemy, and that this comes on the basis of ‘’birds in their forms fall’’ according to Statement of Bahrain’s Prisoners on Hunger Strike.
  • In the atmosphere of the battle of dignity in prisons, we stop at the anniversary of the martyrdom of the resistance Sheikh Jamal al-Asfour (August 19, 1981), who suffered internal bleeding as a result of being tortured inside the prison, and did not receive adequate treatment in reprisal for his revolutionary stances against the Khalifa gang. The model of the martyr resistance represented by Sheikh al-Asfour confirms the revolutionary consolidation that characterized the people of Bahrain in all stages of jihad and protest, a banner transmitted generation after generation, and will not be broken or defeated, no matter how much the suffering has increased, the time has grown and the conspiracies have intensified.
  • We express our solidarity with our people in the Eastern Province and all regions of the Arabian Peninsula, which have recently witnessed a new wave of arrests of activists and religious scholars, and we express fear that the criminal Saudi entity will commit another crime against the oppressed young men sentenced to death, which some of them carried out a hunger strike in protest against the humiliating harassment they are subjected to inside the Saudi prisons, and we call once again for vigilance on the coordination between al-Khalifa and Saudi Arabia, and the latest of which is the signing of the Agreements on Security Cooperation between the security of the Saudi entity and the so-called Strategic Security Apparatus of the Khalifa entity, within the framework of conspiring against the free peoples of the region and implementing the agenda of the colonial powers.

The Political Council – the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition

Occupied Bahrain

Monday, August 21, 2023 AD

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