Weekly Position: We Commend Husseini’s Presence During Ashura in Bahrain, and Warn the Al-Khalifa not to implement Zionist Instructions

The Political Council of the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition issued a weekly position which reads as follows:

Weekly Position: We Commend Husseini’s Presence During Ashura in Bahrain, and Warn the Al-Khalifa not to implement Zionist Instructions

The Political Council of the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition issued a weekly position which reads as follows:

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful

In the Political Council of the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition, we renew condolences on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (pbuh), and we commend the large Husseini presence in the fields of reviving Ashura in Bahrain this year, where our proud people presented another epic in the constant revival of the Karbalai resistance approach, and the declaration of Husseini positions in rejecting injustice. Mourners in Bahrain also embodied the true meanings of the Husseini revolution through chants of fulfilment of the Holy Quran and renewed loyalty to the divine scholarly leadership.

Our people achieved another victory over the Zionist-Khalifi normalization by raising slogans of death to the interim entity and trampling underfoot of the occupation flag in the squares of Ashura, and showed the visionary awareness of rejecting the khalifa interventions in the Ashurai issue and plans to penetrate the season by distorting its worship and jihadi’s content in order to use the odious regime to polish and beautify the ugly face of its corruption and tyranny.

 Over the week, the Political Council will pay attention to the following headline news and developments:

  • We condemn in the strongest terms Bahrain’s frequent attacks on religious scholars, which the recent one was the summoning of ‘’His Eminence Sheikh Mahmoud al-Ali’’ on the background of Muharram’s speech on the evening of the 10th in the capital Manama. This is a repressive action ordered by the Zionists. We affirm that the ongoing security plan aims to re-encircle the opposition and revolutionary streets based on a gradual policy of containment and threat, especially after the renewable capacity of the opposition and the people to defeat internal subversive tactics, spread desperation and confuse the public. In this regard, we call for greater vigilance, and we call on the stakeholders of the opposition movement to study the surrounding situation and formulate a broad plan to prevent the Khalifi from invading.
  • We express our gratitude and appreciation to all those who have contributed to the revival of ‘’Bahraini Prisoners’ Day’’ and to those who stand in solidarity with political prisoners and their glorious families by registering solidarity stance and condemning violations they are subjected to inside the Al Khalifa prisons, affirming their inherent right to full and unconditional freedom, and prosecuting senior officials of terrorist organization that led to the slow death of prisoners, depriving them of medical care and practicing their worship and religious beliefs.
  • We commend His Eminence ‘’Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’’ (God protect Him) for his firm and glorious position in his speech on the tenth of Ashura. He supported the oppression of the Bahraini people and defended their usurped rights, and we emphasized the content of his speech, in which he mentioned the survival war faced by the people of Bahrain at the demographic and culture levels through occupation and political naturalization projects. In this context, we call for intensifying scientific and research efforts to disseminate truth about the facts of the Khalifa’s invasion of the country, in a way that shows more about the black history of the rule of the Khalifa tribe, and to resist the already underway scheme to falsify the history of Bahrain, which is directly sponsored by the tyrant ‘’Hamad’’ through the establishment of a number of institutions and centres, which the most recent one was the National Archives Centre, which develops plans to finish off Bahrain’s authentic history and impose a fake history on citizens and new generations.
  • We condemn the return of terrorist attacks and the targeting of the visitors of the holy shrines in region of Sayyida Zainab (pbuh) in Damascus, and we affirm that the Daesh takfir gangs pose a serious threat to the people of the region, as their original sources still exist and it is sheltered by the global arrogant dark circles and the Wahhabi terrorist gangs in the Saudi entity. While we recall the heroic role played by the heroes and martyrs of the resistance axis in defeating Daesh terrorism, we are certain that this honourable axis will not allow the renewal of the violation of religious shrines, mosques and innocent citizens and that all the free people in this region are called to stand united with this axis and its open battle for the restoration of the sovereignty and security of all countries in the region.

Political Council – February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition

Monday, July 31, 2023


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