The Political Council of the February 14 Coalition Holds the Virtual Meeting “Al-Quds is the Pivot”

The Political Council of the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition held the political virtual meeting “Al-Quds is the pivot” on the occasion of “International Quds Day” on Saturday, April 30, 2022.

The Political Council of the February 14 Coalition Holds the Virtual Meeting “Al-Quds is the Pivot”

The Political Council of the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition held the political virtual meeting “Al-Quds is the pivot” on the occasion of “International Quds Day” on Saturday, April 30, 2022.

In his speech, the Director of the Political Office of the Coalition in Beirut “Dr. Ibrahim Al-Aradi” said that the call of Al-Quds is renewed and the cry of Arab and Muslim honorees rises on the last Friday of Ramadan as a support for the Palestinian cause, and in response to the recommendation of Imam Al-Khomeini (may his secret be sanctified).

He noted that this occasion comes at the most difficult time for the Palestinians, due to Zionist terrorism and the normalization of some Arab regimes, stressing that Al-Quds will remain the pivot despite this normalization, and that its victory is a victory for truth and justice, for values and principles, and a rejection of occupation, injustice and corrupt dictatorships.

Al-Aradi reiterated the solidarity of the Coalition with the Palestinians and its support to the central issue “Al-Quds Al-Sharif and Al-Aqsa Mosque”, and confirmed the Bahraini people’s rejection of normalization with the occupying Zionist entity.

Dr. Rashed Al-Rashed”, the prominent leader, said that Palestinian cause represents a gaping wound in the body of the Islamic and the entire world, so, it’s not an occupation issue but a Zionist scheme to gain control of the world, stressing the need to liberate all occupied Palestinian territories.

Al-Rashed described the “International Quds Day” as cries to confront the ideology of the occupation and to confront the Zionist hegemony over the Arab and Islamic region, under the so-called “New Middle East” project.

The Secretary General of “Harakat Ahrar al- Bahrain” “Dr. Saeed al-Shahabi” considered that the “International Quds Day” highlights the Zionist scheme to Judaize the city  and destroy its Islamic, cultural, historical and social identity, by changing its demography and rejecting the Zionist occupation of international decisions, stressing that the normalization of the regime with the Zionist entity and the so-called “Abraham accords” is a betrayal of the Palestinian and Bahraini peoples, and a deviation from the Arab consensus and the will of the Bahraini people and constants, considering that the Palestinian cause is central for nation. 

The Bahraini opponent “Ali Al-Fayez” touched on the importance of belonging to the pivot of Al-Quds and resistance, as it is the pivot of rights, justice, humanity and Islam, and not the interim falsehood entity, the usurpers of Palestinian lands and the high-handedness.

He believed that “Quds Day” exposed the hypocrites, and revealed the collusion of the normalized Arab regimes with the Zionist entity, among them is the ruling regime, which has demonstrated its separation from the will of Bahraini people that rejects all forms of normalization, pointing out that the Al-Khalifa regime’s rush to normalize with the Israeli occupation is to preserve its security and remain in power and singling out for power against any change. According to the occupying entity, he believes that normalization with Bahrain is a gateway to security and military action and aggression against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Director of the Imam al-Khomeini (may his secret be sanctified) Centers in Lebanon, His Eminence Sheikh “Nizar Saayeed” said that “Al-Quds Day” is a day that separates truth and falsehood, Al-Quds is the face of the Islamic nation in all its stripes, is the “Qibla” that unites the world and the people of conscience. The conflict is not a land conflict but a conflict between the right and human values on the one hand, and the injustice, the Zionism and the enslavement of peoples on the other hand.

He paid a tribute to the struggling and steadfast Bahraini people and their support for the Palestinian cause in the face of the normalization of the ruling regime with the Zionist entity.

On his side, the founding member of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign “Mike Napier” emphasized his support for the Palestinian cause against the practices of the Zionist occupation and its plans for Judaization. He considered that the idea of normalization with the Zionist entity was out of reach and humanity, especially under the statements of the entity’s officials to kill and bloodshed the Palestinians, and surprised by the statements of some Bahraini officials and their welcome to the Zionist presence in Manama.

The virtual meeting was moderated by Professor Abdulilah Al-Mahouzi.

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