As part of file “100 political stances: Saudi-Emirati presence in Bahrain .. is an occupation”, demands to continue  Bahraini struggle (2)

The Political Council of the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition prepared a special file on the ninth anniversary of the Saudi-Emirati occupation of Bahrain.

As part of file “100 political stances: Saudi-Emirati presence in Bahrain .. is an occupation”, demands to continue  Bahraini struggle (2)

The Political Council of the February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition prepared a special file on the ninth anniversary of the Saudi-Emirati occupation of Bahrain.

This file, titled: “100 Global Positions: The Saudi-Emirati Presence in Bahrain .. is an occupation”, included positions and opinions for political and legal personalities from different countries in the world opposing this illegal presence, and affirming the right of the Bahraini people to freedom and struggle.

– Australian activist Professor Tim Anderson said that the peoples of the world support the people of Bahrain in their revolution and the right to have a new constitution, sending a message to Bahraini people on the ninth anniversary of the Bahrain revolution in February 2011, in which he affirmed his support for them in the quest for establishing a democratic system.

The advisor on international law and international physics “Dr. Hadi Dalloul” said that the people of Bahrain are the weak side of the resistance axis, only because they are unarmed, but they have the right to life, have democracy, and ownership of the decision that they are indigenous and are not mercenaries like those brought from different nationalities by Al-Khalifa regime, which granting them the Bahraini nationality in order to get the majority of votes.

He added that it has been 9 years since the people who demand their right to citizenship were depleted, as the first stab was from the Saudi neighbor who assumed, if any foreign invasion of Bahrain occurred, that it is the first , but everyone knows Al-Saud, where they came from and how they set up. This Wahhabi regime, which appeared on the table of normalization with the Zionists today, revealed the intentions hidden behind the beards and prayers that they wanted peace, and that they were religious.

Dalloul pointed out that the people of Bahrain are all supported by the resistance, the Islamic Republic, Ansar Allah in Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Syrian leadership, and the popular mobilization forces  in Iraq, all working under their command, which enhances the hope of their  victory over the tyrants of Al Saud and al-Khalifa family.

– British human rights activist Sam Walton said that Bahrain has about 600,000 to 800,000 citizens, and there are about 200,000 to 300,000 citizens who took to the streets during the Arab Spring revolutions. They were protesting for freedom from restrictions, torture and realization. Democracy, where the population took to the streets in protest and demonstrations in order to overthrow al-Khalifa regime , and that up to a third of the Bahraini citizens were protesting in the streets, and in this context the tyrannical king demanded their  allies in Saudi Arabia to occupy Bahrain, so that they could crush the revolution, where they baptized to put it out, they kept on the means of oppression and torture, and they made no efforts to achieve the democracy that the people in Bahrain are seeking. He concluded that the Saudi regime represents shame and Hamad Al-Khalifa and his family have failed to do anything related to human rights and democracy so far.

A member of the Assembly of Muslim Scholars, “His Eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Selim,” said that all peoples have the right to freedom without repression by the authorities, stifling their opinions, and interfering in their private affairs. Everyone has the right to a dignified and private life in their homeland and on their land, and not to rob their civil rights, their nationalities , and expressing their opinion. Every side that intervenes opposing that and objecting to them to silence them is an authoritarian, aggressive, tyrannical, vain party that has no value neither from a divine perspective nor divine religions nor heavenly books, nor with human sense, and everyone who claims Islam is free to be a true Muslim, and to leave People make their choices in the world, if called for their rights to be a helper for them or not repressing the aggressor freedoms, because it opposes all human scales of virtue and morality brought about by Islam.

He wished the success to the people of Bahrain in all thier demands and all what they seek, because they are rightful demands.

– Vice-President of the Cultural Solidarity Association: “Professor Yusef Khadra” said that he has known about the struggle of the people of Bahrain since the seventies for their national issues and all the rightful issues of the Arab peoples, especially the Palestinian issue. He had his own parties and societies that are fighting for democracy, so it is regrettable now, It is that since the Saudi military intervention in the internal affairs of Bahrain, these regimes that have been rushing towards normalization with the Zionist entity that commits massacres against the Palestinian people and their appeasement and the American aggression have taken their societies back, adding that the Bahraini people are struggling and loving freedom and democracy, and it fights peacefully for its rights, so it is a shame for any regime to appease the Zionists and suppress its people.

Khadra affirmed his solidarity with the Bahraini people, who have always supported the people of Lebanon when they were subjected to the Zionist aggression.

– The Lebanese activist, “Abdel Karim Al-Raei” saluted the revolutionary, sacrificed and aspiring people of Bahrain, who demanded their legitimate rights for years, and on the anniversary of the entrance of the Peninsula Shield forces to Bahrain and the Saudi occupation and its aggression against the people of Bahrain and its suppression, sending a salute of honor and appreciation to Bahrain people who express all free world.

 – The head of the technical office in the south, “Engineer Samir Al-Husseini,” praised on the ninth anniversary of the Saudi occupation of Bahrain, its mighty people, who fought and struggled in resisting this abhorrent occupation of an Arab country, and it is a plan from the countries of arrogance to create peoples among the peoples of the nation. Bahrain, and we confirm our support for them.

– Editor in Chief of Al-Manar TV website – the English section “Mrs. Batoul Wahba” paid tribute to the steadfast people of Bahrain and the sacrifices they made for the sake of a democratic system, as they demonstrated steadfastness in the revolution .

– The director of the Human Rights Society in Britain “Professor Masoud Shajara” said that the Saudi regime that occupied Bahrain claims its support for Islamic countries and their peoples and their fateful issues, but the truth is far from that claim as it has become supportive of the colonial regimes in the region. He added that this monarchy was found in reality to confront the interests of the Ottoman Empire that controlled the region, and to destroy the Islamic fabric in the countries of the region, and then it became the protector of American interests and the Zionist entity in the region later, stressing that it is no longer a secret that there are mutual relations and common interests Between the Saudi regime and the Zionist entity, and it became necessary to deal with this system through revolutionary action and resistance.

– The Lebanese activist, Ali Dawood, saluted the Bahraini people for their peacefulness in their revolution for 9 years, pointing out that the Saudi military intervention in Bahrain was to support Al-Khalifa injustice, its tyranny and corruption, which is a foreign intervention, adding that the oppression of the Bahraini people reminds of the oppression of Imam Al-Hassan”p”.

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