Coalition of 14 Feb: stands of bedrails and fawning over Zionist -entity by dictator Hamid are not representing Bahrain or its people

The coalition of 14 February revolution has denounced the steps of al-Khalifa entity to normalize relations.

The coalition of 14 February revolution has denounced the steps of al-Khalifa entity to normalize relations.

In a statement issued by the coalition on Tuesday 19,June 2018 ,it said that this criminal entity is not hesitating from time to time to uncover its real face shamelessly, through normalization and throwing itself in the bosom of the usurped Zionist entity ,confirming that this is against the will of the noble Bahraini people .

It made it clear that al-Khalifa seeks to normalize relations by all means and pretexts and at many levels of political ,economic ,diplomatic and security areas ..It seizes every provocative chance of human feelings to open new phase of this disgusting normalization with the Zionist entity through exchanging the mutual visits ,hailing the crimes of the Zionists against the Palestinian people and to find excuses for them .

The statement has described the intention of al-Khalifa entity to host a Zionist delegation during the meeting of the World Heritage Commission (organized by UNESCO),and in cooperation with the Department of Culture and Heritage from 24 June to 4 July ,as a blatant and aggressive decision , a desecration of the Bahraini land and it reveals the betrayal of al-Khalifa entity for the main central issue of Palestine .

The coalition has renewed its fixed stand which represents the stand of the resisting Shiite and Sunni people in Bahrain to reject any kind of normalization with the usurped Zionist entity .The statement has emphasized to the free people of the world ,and to the resisting Palestinian people in particular ,that the betraying and fawning stands over the Zionist entity by the dictator Hamad are not representing Bahrain or its people ,and he just carries out the orders of his American ,British and Saudi masters .

It also reaffirmed its support for the right of the Palestinian people to resist this enemy by all legal means ,and to drag the nose of the US Administration in the mud of its criminal schemes. It pointed out that the normalization between the Zionist and al-Khalifa entities is something normal ,since they emerged from the womb of the malicious British Administration that support their criminal measures in Bahrain and the occupied Palestinian lands .

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