Message of Ramadhan by chairman of Shura «Advisory» council of 14 Feb coalition 1439.H

(The prayers and peace will be upon the most honorable creature and messengers ,Mohammed and his honorable and pure family ,and companions ).

(In the name of Allah ,the merciful and the most compassionate)

(The prayers and peace will be upon the most honorable creature and messengers ,Mohammed and his honorable and pure family ,and companions ).

Allah said in his gracious Quran (the month of Ramadhan in which the holy Quran was revealed is a guidance to people and examples of this guidance and Quran ,when you see this month ,fast it ) .Allah, the great said only truth.

The month of Ramadhan is the master of all months ,in which the good deeds are acceptable ,the mistakes are forgiven. If someone reliefs a poor ,Allah shall protects him from the great panic .If someone helps an oppressed ,Allah shall help him on his enemies in the world and in the hereafter .It is the month of consolation ,feeling the pains others ,the historical victory ,the fulfillment of the divine promise with simple tools and gears ,and the hearts will be full of faith ,determination and will .From which , the human being starts the march of integrity towards Allah ,who was not born or gave birth and had no any similar .It is the month of hospitality on the tables of the Lord ,the birth of the Quran ,prayers ,blessings and the good deeds .

On the occasion of Ramadhan ,where the breeze mixes with smell of faith , fragrance and spirituality .We would like to deliver a speech to all our steadfast people :

First : I recommend you and all other dear people to take great care of the holy Quran ,and to take from it in this holy month a path and an approach that guide you throughout your social and individual life ,and to put plans and projects that will be your approaches according to the Quran criteria ,so that the devils of the earth will not be able to seize you with their methods , tricky and wicked plans and their false twisted lies .We should also ignore the part of faith in this holy month through making assessment and self- review and bypassing the failure until reaching the real divine aims in human life .

Second : I recommend the revolted and struggling youth and all the people not to forget their wised and brave leadership which had backed them in their ordeals and their revolution against the oppression and dictatorship represented by his eminence Ayatollah sheik Essa Ahmed Qassim ,the foster of the whole people and the big Islamic and national symbol . Our dear and beloved people ,we should not stop the demonstrations and sit-ins in the squares which call for ending besiege on him and releasing him .You are sons of great and faithful people ,you could not keep silence while your leader is under siege and your leading figures inside the prisons and chains .

Third : we , in the coalition of 14Feb youth revolution are emphasizing that the oppressive al-Khalifa entity has lost its legitimacy when the people revolted in that historical day ,and called for toppling it ,and to overthrow the dictator Hamad Bin Essa and the referendum day to choose their new political system .It has lost all of the political viability, and it cannot act in contrary with the public will which rejects him as well as his masters who had brought the invaders , kept their military bases (American and other bases ). We believe that we have to confront all kind of economic ,cultural ,social and political colonial invasion .we must resist the occupation and hegemony and work on expelling the military bases (the American and other bases)with all legal means .Allah (the great )has gave us the right of Jihad (struggle) and to take an action against our foes. From this point ,and during Ramadhan's atmospheres ,we announce again ,the same of the last year ,that Friday is the national day to expel the American base .Let us go out in demonstrations that reject any foreign presence and demanding to shut down the military bases that infringe the national sovereignty and independence.

Four : the people of Bahrain are steadfast and resisting people and have an awareness enough to understand the phony and formalistic matters followed by the arrogant regime to carry out mock elections ,far away from the their legal demands and right of self- determination .Here I stress the decision of your coalition to boycott these elections inclusively and to confront it with political revolutionary projects .

Five :one of the main issues in the Islamic world is the Palestinian cause and the occupied al-Quds .This issue is not concerning the Palestinians only ,but it also concerns the entire nation and whole people ,and we are now in front of a crucial stage that might be considered as the most critical conflict with the Zionists and Americans who seek to eliminate it .The evidences are clear that they want to seize the two holy shrines in fulfilling their malicious agenda by their followers of the terrorist al-Sauds regime and other dictatorial regimes in the regions . o' the people of the world and the people of Bahrain ,everyone is concerned to move seriously and actively on the whole levels in this fight . Smash the thrones of the arrogant oppressors and prove the greatness of Islam and its ability to win the battle upon the enemies .

Allah shall except your prayers and good deeds in this holy month , and we ask Allah to return it on you and us with victory to Islam .

Chairman of Shura (advisory )council of the 14Feb youth revolution coalition

Thursday ,17,May 2018

1,Ramadhan 1439 H

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