February 14 Youth Coalition Final Warning to The Mercenaries Hired by Al-Khalifa Regime

Our revolutionaries have repeatedly warned you in your own languages (Hindi, Urdu and Arabic) but instead of heeding their warnings and accepting their offers, you have shamefully opted to continue with your ruthlessness and stain your hands in innocent Bahraini blood. You have proven that you are nothing but a bunch of worthless inhuman slaves that do not deserve to lay a foot on our country.

We have so far preserved our right to use force for self-defense, hoping that would make you hesitant from attacking peaceful protestors, women and children. However, common sense and human logic do not seem to work on you.

Therefore, we advise you to heed our final warning for your own sake. Take your belongings and go back to wherever you have come from if you value your life, and do not accept for yourself to commit crimes for the sake of the illegitimate regime of Al-Khalifa. Our people have decided to bring an end to the illegitimate regime, and we have no doubts that you will be the first sacrifice Al-Khalifa will make to maintain their grip on power.

At the same time, we would like to make an honest call to the nations, governments and embassies to make the right decision and condemn hiring their people by Al-Khalifa regime as mercenaries, and call them back before it is too late. We shall take no responsibility for whatever might happen to the mercenaries after this final warning.

Our great people, if the mercenaries fail to heed this final warning and go back to their countries, then you can exercise your right for self-defense without hesitation. The whole world has witnessed your bravery and your strong well for freedom and dignity; the final victory shall be yours.

Coalition Youth of 14 Feb Revolution
Friday, Jan 27 , 2012

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