Urgent Appeal

In behalf of rebelling people of Bahrain against repression and dictatorship, coalition of February 14th Youth would like to direct an urgent appeal to all human rights organizations in the world as well as to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to focus attention on what is going to take place in Bahrain this weekend, (specifically on both: 23rd and 24th of this month).
As the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and international organizations follows, Bahraini people are being suppressed daily with shotgun, toxic suffocating gases and more deadly weapons that caused death to more than 40 martyrs and injuries to more than 10 thousand people.
International covenants and conventions are being overcome and violated everyday in Bahrain. In this appeal, we would like to announce the return to the site of Pearl Square (formerly) which>
currently is a major crossroads and several neighboring yards, thus we have decided to have a peaceful Sit-in at this location.
Human right and all stated covenants like all nations admit our right of completely peaceful and civilized protests and as well as of the Self-determination.
We call the international community with all its organizations and human rights to lead their vital role of following up, monitoring and documenting what is going in Bahrain, and thus to take a position that grants Bahraini revolution its right as one of nation’s revolutions around the world.

Coalition Youth of 14 Feb Revolution
Monday 18th Sep 2011

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