February 14 Coalition: Bahraini people's unity and resistance to the «crime of normalization with the Zionists» made al-Khalifa regime completely isolated

February 14 Coalition: Bahraini people's unity and resistance to the «crime of normalization with the Zionists» made al-Khalifa regime completely isolated

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18, 4, 2019


In the name of Allah the Merciful and Compassionate

Over the past few days, the people of Bahrain have courageously expressed their steadfast position on the central issue of nation - Palestine, and translated it with angry demonstrations, marches in the streets of several cities and town, and circulated it widely on social media sites. They defended all the repressive measures imposed by al-Khalifa entity, and all the threats and large military deployment and their terrorist methods against them.


We are in the Coalition of February 14, and after a week of activities against the crime of normalization, we would like to emphasize the following:


First, We praise the positions of our noble people represented by the two communities and their full accord over the crime of normalization with the Zionist, which made al-Khalifa entity with the Zionists in complete isolation because of its betrayal of the cause of Palestine.


Second: The resisting Manama will not be one day the capital of normalization with the Zionists, and if it infiltrated by some Zionists who stealth as thieves with the assistant of al-Khalifa entity, they will never be safe of the wrath of our people. Bahrain rejects them, and our people will avenge of them if they ever think of desecrating our pure land. There is no place for those who usurped the holy lands of the Muslims. There is no place for those who committed the most heinous massacres against our brothers in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and the rest of the Arab and Islamic countries.


Thirdly: The people of Bahrain, who gave the martyr Mohammed Juma with pride for the sake of al-Aqsa, and presented dozens of martyrs for the freedom, dignity, honor and real independence, will never hesitate to meet Al-Aqsa's appeal and stand by the central nation's cause in all available ways and methods. The Zionists will make a grave mistake if they think for a moment that their presence on the land of Bahrain can be normal.


Finally, we extend tribute to our noble people, men and women, old people and children, who have not hesitated to express their national and Islamic position on the issue of the nation. They participated in all anti-normalization activities and faced all threats with great courage. We highly appreciate their stances and we will continue to achieve our right to self-determination, and out an end the rule the traitor- al-Khalifa for the cause of the nation who normalized relations with the Zionist criminals.


Oh Allah, have mercy on our martyrs, the righteous, and have a place of honor for us


The 14 Feb Revolution Youth Coalition

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Occupied Bahrain


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