With Pictures : Speech Program Within Activities of Bahrain’s Martyrs Exhibition

A speech program has held on Friday,26,Oct 2018 during the Bahrain’s martyrs exhibition in the holy city of Karbala.

A speech program has held on Friday,26,Oct 2018 during the Bahrain's martyrs exhibition in the holy city of Karbala .

His Eminence Sayed Mohammed al-Najar ,the director of the ideological guidance in Hashid al-Sha'abi (popular mobilization forces) in the middle-Euphrates axis has stressed in a speech his support for the Bahraini people's move through its popular petition which calls for electing Consistuent Assembly, deeming that this step will take the opportunity from al-Khalifa entity.

The Yemeni poet, Pro. Ma'ath al-Jonaid has took part on behalf of the Yemeni people with a pome dedicated for the uprising people of Bahrain.

The spokesman of Jond al-Imam battalions,Mujahid Professor Hussein al-Asadi had a speech too in which he emphasized the support of the battalions for the Bahraini people to have self-determinatin option .

المواضیع ذات الصلة

  • The detainees, Noah Abdullah and Fadel Abbas, suffer from medical negligence and denial of treatment
  • An amendment to the judgments on the detainees of Square of Redemption
  • The eleventh issue of “Zad al-Thaerin” to distribute in Bahrain
  • After 7 years of imprisonment on political charge, the young hero, Ali al-Sheikh, embraces freedom
  • Sayed Hassan Nasrallah praises the rejection of Bahrain’s people, its scholars and political forces for the economic conference
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