Residents of Abu Saiba and Shakhoura Demonstrate under Slogan «Freedom for Prisoners»

Residents of Abu Saiba and Shakhoura Demonstrate under Slogan «Freedom for Prisoners»

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13, 10, 2018

In conjunction with the campaign of repression and arrests ahead of the mock elections, the masses of the revolution express their refusal through participating in various activities and revolutionary movements.

On Friday, October 12, 2018, the resistance's people in the towns of Abu Saiba and Shakhoura have launched a revolutionary demonstration under the slogan "Freedom for prisoners".

During this revolutionary demonstration, the demonstrators, through their banners and flags, renewed their solidarity with the "national symbols", the political detainees, expressing their anger at the unfair arrests and their rejection of the mock elections.

Meanwhile, the residents issued a brief statement in response to the raids and arrests of a number of young men in the two towns, in which they said "Al-Khalifa enemy will not get benefit of these raids, and it should understand our message clearly, that our revolution will remain". "We are steadfast, cannot be defeated and the revolution will continue until the overthrow of this regime".

It is noteworthy that the gangs of the entity had kidnapped on yesterday Friday the young "Saeed Abed Imam" from Abu Saiba in a sneaky ambush, while the news of the kidnapped "Ali Essa"  are still cut off so far amid serious concern.




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