Statement of 14Febreuary Coalition: Black Day for Justice in Bahrain with Issuance of Unjust Judgment against Sheikh Ali Salman

Statement of 14Febreuary Coalition: Black Day for Justice in Bahrain with Issuance of Unjust Judgment against Sheikh Ali Salman

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5, 11, 2018


In a new episode of the tyranny of the criminal entity and its criminalization, our Bahraini people have stood firm on a date with a new black day in the history of justice under the rule of al-Khalifa tyrant. It is the judgment against the Secretary General of the Islamic National Accord Society Sheikh Ali Salman, the leaders Sheikh Hassan Sultan and Ali al-Aswad, who have been sentenced to life imprisonment in an open and malicious trial in front of the local and international public opinion in the so-called "communication with Qatar" charges.


This unfair judgment issued against His Eminence, Sheikh al-Mujahid Ali Salman and the two former members of Al-Wefaq Association confirms that the gang of al-Khalifs is no longer interested in the fate of the country's political future. It has jumped heavily in the bosom of the Zionists and Al Saud, abstaining the independence of the homeland and sovereignty. By this targeting, it uses its sectarian and politicized judiciary as a tool of political revenge upon a national figure who praised by the allies and opponents of his patriotism, concern for the rights of citizens and the future of the country.


We, in the coalition of 14 February Revolution Youth denounce this judgment, deem it is unfair and issued by a court that lacks legitimacy and violates the spirit of law and justice. It is a new crime against human justice and the right of every individual in Bahrain to believe in the demands of the people and their right to self-determination.

This is why we say to the head of the ruling regime, Hamad and his associates in the corrupt al-Khalifa gang that Sheikh Ali Salman and the thousands who believe in their cause will not be deterred by these unjust sentences and prison years from continuing the revolutionary movement that began decades ago and was established on February 14, 2011.

We also affirm that these unjust provisions reinforce the option of boycotting the elections of al-Khalifa gang, and show the right to sign the Popular Petition due to be held soon and the election of a new Constituent Assembly that shall draft a new constitution for the country. The revolution shall continue by the solid will of people until the achievement of its legitimate goals by extracting our people's inherent right to self-determination.


Freedom to Sheikh Ali Salman, the disappeared symbols and all the detained men and women in al-Khalifa prisons.


Issued by the Coalition of 14 February Revolution Youth

Sunday, November. 4, 2018

The Occupied Bahrain

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