Women's board of coalition in al-Quds Day festival :we're adhering to Palestinian cause

Women's board of coalition in al-Quds Day festival :we're adhering to Palestinian cause

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12, 6, 2018

The women's Board of the 14 Feb youth revolution coalition said that the Arabian peoples are heeding the call of Imam Khomeini (may Allah sanctify his soul )after a year ,and in every occasion despite what they suffer by their rulers .

This came in a speech delivered at the sixth Women's Speech Festival held on Saturday ,June 9,2018  ,in which  the Board has confirmed its adherence to the major Muslims' cause of Palestine . It added that the world's arrogance sought to obliterate this issue by implanting the cancerous gland of Israel  in the Islamic nations ' body .It came by  the complicity of al-Khalifa and al- Saud regimes and their control over the necks of the peoples in the service of the Zionism ,and it sets the green light to them to commit the most heinous crimes against these peoples .All that was to keep the issue of liberating al-Quds out of their minds .

It pointed out that the Bahraini people who is suffering greatly due to al-Khalifa black rule , fighting their bitter struggle for their dignity and honor and to get rid of the yoke of dictator Hamad ,did not lose sight of the victory of Palestinian cause .The people of Bahrain is emphasizing in al-Quds Day ,through their revolutionary activities their support to their brothers in Palestine ,praising  their jihads and struggle ,backing them and they will not abandon them but strong rejects all attempts of normalizations with usurped  Zionist –entity by al-Khalifa entity  ,and denounces its rush behind its interests at the expense of the pure Palestinian bloods which sheds every day for the sake of al-Aqsa's freedom.


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