Bahrain witnesses 4 rounds of protests and revolutionary moves during al-Quds Day

Bahrain witnesses 4 rounds of protests and revolutionary moves during al-Quds Day

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10, 6, 2018



Activities of al-Quds Day were launched  in Bahrain at the dawn of Friday .June 8, 2018 ,and continued throughout the whole day ,where 4 rounds of demonstrations and angry revolutionary moves have carried out .

Under the slogan (al-Quds is the capital of the free people ),and within the activities called by the opposed revolutionary powers on the occasion of al-Quds Day ,the towns of (Karbabad , Nuweidrat ,Malikyah ,Mausla,Damstan ,Deer ,Sar ,Daraz ,Karzakan and Nabi Saleh have started the first round which begun at dawn .

The second round was held in the town s ( al-Qadam ,Manama and Saar ) at noon .

While the demonstrations of the third round were held in the towns of (Karana ,Muasla ,Maqshaa and Karkazan ) at afternoon .

The fourth round ,which was started late at night ,was held in the towns of (Shaharkan ,Tubli ,Boori ,Barbar ,Bilad al-Qadeem ,Maameer ,Daiyha ,Satra ,Samahij ,Abo Sa'abaa ,and Shakohra) .

Most of these demonstrations ,which have seen a remarkable presence of women ,were ended with a revolutionary move by the heroic revolutionaries ,where they  set the fire of anger in the main streets and squares .This was witnessed by the towns of (Nuweidrat ,Boori ,Jad hafs mAbu Qiwa ,Sanad ,Sitra and Karana ).

Meanwhile ,the demonstrators who participated in the events of al-Quds Day have raised banners reading ( here we are O' al-Aqsa )(al-Quds is capital of the free people ) and (al-Quds is the eternal capital of Palestine ) .They also raised the Palestinian flag and stepped on the Zionist –entity flag with their feet and burned it ,chanting revolutionary slogans and chants in support of the Palestinian cause and to reject the policy of normalization with the Zionists followed by al-Khalifa regime .


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