Al-Diraz's revolutionaries write Hamad's name on streets

Al-Diraz's revolutionaries write Hamad's name on streets

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12, 10, 2018


The revolutionaries of al-Diraz town have wrote the name of the dictator Hamad on the streets and roads on Wednesday, 10 October 2018, within the operation of "Your arrogance under our feet", where they trampled his name by feet.

The mercenary forces and the civilian militias hastened to storm the town in order to obliterate these manuscripts, which openly express the people's rejection of the tyrant Hamad's survival.


It is worth mentioning that al-Khalifa entity had took retaliatory steps against a group of youths on charges of taking funding from the Republic of Iran and the coalition of 14 February to carry out this activity, which began since the revolution eruption in 2011.

Al-Khalifa entity has released on Wednesday 10 October 2018 Sheikh Mohammed Saleh al-Qashmi after interrogation for 5 hours at Al-Hura Police Station without stating the reasons.

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