Coalition of 14 Feb youth revolution declares «Abu Saiba'a &Shakhoura» towns as «Beacon of steadfastness» for April 2018

Coalition of 14 Feb youth revolution declares «Abu Saiba'a &Shakhoura» towns as «Beacon of steadfastness» for April 2018

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29, 4, 2018



The word (Shakhoura) is a Persian  name originally  ,and it is distorted from the word (Shah- Akhor) which means the King's stable . In another narration (shakhoura) means Shah  in Persian language is the eye ,while( khoura ) is the big or the great .

It is located on the north west of Abu Qiwa ,northern Abu Saiba'a and southern Maqabiha on al-Badea'a Street through Abu Saiba'a.

The town has historical hills that belonging  to the pre-Christian period  ,where a group of tombs were built above the rocky ground and some carved ,and the walls were decorated with flagstones and lime .It also has the shrine of the scholar Sheik Hussein al-Asfoor .

It is common  that the town is well-known with its generosity of and good hospitality of the  visitors , the revival of Husseini rituals and the reception of neighboring town's people during Ashura times.

The town (Abu Saiba'a) is said to have been famous for making the bride dress which was called before the (finger-dress) because it is stitches with fingers, and it was known for the textile industry too .

It is located in the north of  Bahrain , bordered on the east by the village of Hajir , on the west by village of Muqaba ,on the south by the village of Shakhoura and on the north by the main street which connects the area with the other parts of Bahrain .

Both towns have recorded a remarkable activity throughout the years of the revolution ,where their revolutionists were distinguished with their steadfastness ,courage and heroism .They offered martyrs , many detainees and a large number of wounded and chased .The two towns have deserved the title of (Beacon of Steadfastness ) for March 2018 due to their honorable activity ,their  mass demonstrations , their solidarity stands and their evening prayer  held by their local people .


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