On seventh anniversary of Saudi- occupation of Bahrain ,resistance is option of people

On seventh anniversary of Saudi- occupation of Bahrain ,resistance is option of people

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13, 3, 2018

Two days separate the Bahraini people from the seventh anniversary of the Saudi-occupation of Bahrain by the terrorist Saudi regime which had been never stopped from interfering in the internal decisions and policies of Bahrain .


 However ,things have took a military and public turn when the people of Bahrain have revolted on the criminal Al-Khalifa regime .The people have broken out a popular uprising which was the biggest in its history, under the slogan  (toppling the regime and getting self –determination) . As Al-Khalifa entity was besieged by the popular revolutionary tide ,the Saudi regime felt the danger and it rushed to send its troops to Bahrain backed by US and Britain to keep Al-Khalifa rule from falling .


On Monday ,14 March 2011 ,more than one thousand Saudi military of the so-called (Al-jazera shield) and about 500 Emirati soldiers have entered Bahrain to suppress the demonstrations and the public protests under the pretext of maintaining security in Bahrain and to protect it from external intervention .Later on , in March 15 ,2011 the dictator Hamid declared the state of emergency for three months to allow these occupying forces to suppress the uprising of the Bahraini people .The start was by committing slaughters  against the people of Bahrain when three martyrs from Sitra island killed and dozens were wounded . These forces had broken out a sit-in at Al-lowlowa roundabout by using military force and air cover where the communication networks was cut at the perimeter of the roundabout and breaking into it by using  different kinds of weapons .That operations  led to the death of many martyrs and hundreds of  wounded .The siege was also imposed on Salmaniyah Medical Complex and they prevented the entry and exit from it to prevent the wounded from getting treatment .They also carried out a large scale of military deployment at all the streets and they restricted the movement of the citizens in order to implement a wide campaigns of arrestment which targeted doctors ,engineers ,professors , religious scholars and a large segment of citizens and the leading symbols were in front of them.

The occupied Saudi forces did not get enough with this ,but it also destroyed mosques and the holy sites where it demolished more than 38 mosques that most of them  have not been rehabilitated yet .  


All these crimes were confronted with durability and great resistance by the people , this people is proving year after year its insistence to defeat the Saudi occupation and to topple Al-Khalifa regime . The revolutionary powers are taking into its account the responsibility of holding the programs and activities under different  slogans  according to the necessity of the developments and the coming situations .They announced (Resistance is our option) as the slogan of the year and while the Bahrainis are getting ready to revive these activities , they want to be able to send their message to the Saudi occupation and its sponsoring countries of arrogance that there is no place for intruders .


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