14 Feb coalition holds (Al-Quds is the eternal capital of Palestine) festival in Damascus

14 Feb coalition holds (Al-Quds is the eternal capital of Palestine) festival in Damascus

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23, 12, 2017
  Under the slogan (Al-Quds is the eternal capital of Palestine), the 14 Feb youth revolution coalition has organized today, Wednesday 20 December 2017 an exclusive oratorical festival at the Conference Palace in the Syrian capital Damascus in cooperation with the Palestinian factions, with the participation of the office of Sayed( Ali Khamenei) in Damascus , the Palestinian- friendship society  , the Iranian cultural attaché, the representatives of the churches and the Druze community, and the Arab Ba'ath Socialist Party. The festival was held  in order to ensure the adherence with the Palestinian issue and reject the American decision to transfer the Israeli embassy to the occupied Quds and recognizing Al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist-entity .   The event, which was attended by leaders of the 14 Feb youth revolution coalition , was an occasion to correct the compass and reunite the speech which believes that Palestine is the central issue of Arabs and Muslims. It was an occasion for the Coalition to affirm that Al-Quds and Palestine remain the main and most important issue for Bahraini people. The coalition's address has expressed the popular stand in favor of the Palestinian issue which rejects all forms of normalization with the Zionist-enemy.     During the festival ,the coalition has emphasized that (the people of Bahrain have declared their denial of any treacherous step towards the Palestinian issue. The Bahrainis have proudly declared their disavow of the delegation sent by the Khalifa's  regime to the occupied Quads in the last days to be on the top of  the shame and disgrace list .This delegation was blessed by the Khalifa's entity which occupying Bahrain and supported by the Saudi terrorist regime which occupying the Arabian Peninsula)     The coalition stressed that this activity is (a clear translation that reflects the fixed stand of the Bahraini people towards Al-Quds and Palestine as the central issue, and to confirm not to retreat from this option, whatever the prices and sacrifices are, and despite all the pains and the wounds of the people of Bahrain made by the  Zionist entity's agents , The two terrorist regimes of Beni- Khalifa and Beni- Saud are the most prominent enemies of the Arabian and Islamic nation, and the most prominent executors of the Zionist-American project in the region .    The beginning of the festival  was started with the national anthem of Syria, Palestine and Bahrain, the homeland of peace, and then the speeches that confirm the fixed stand , the stress on not abandoning a single grain of the Arab homeland's soil, not allowing the humiliation of the holy case of the Arabs and Muslims and rejecting US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Al-Quds as the capital of the entity. The emphasis was on the role of the resistance in eradicating the Israeli ambition and in defeating the American and Zionist project in the region       The speeches began with the speech of the Palestinian-Iranian Friendship Association, which confirmed the certainty, stressing that  Al-Quds  will remain the eternal capital of Palestine ever since . The speech of the President of the Supreme Shiite Council in Syria confirmed that attention is now directed to Palestine after the enemies of the nation tried to redirect the compass, then a speech of  the Syrian judge Rabih Zahr al-Din and a speech of  the Palestinian Central Media's head in the Popular Front Mr. Ahmad Raja, who stressed that the stand and the choice is clear over the issue of Al-Quds and Palestine.    The speech of the Counselor at the Iranian cultural attaché in Damascus confirmed the absolute support for the choices of the Palestinian people and backing them for regaining the holy rights .After that a speech was delivered by the Patriarch of Antioch and the rest of the East to the Greek Orthodox (Yohana Al-Yaziji) who has stressed that as Al-Quds is for Muslims, it is also for the Christians. He emphasized  on the firmed stand not allowing any prejudice to the issue of Al-Quds. Then the speech of the Palestinian tribes was delivered by the imam(speaker) of Sayeda Zeinab's mosque (peace be upon her) to insist on adhering to Al-Quds as the eternal capital of Palestine. At the end of the event, the14 Feb youth revolution coalition has thanked the participants from different religions and sects and from various Arabian countries of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain and other neighboring countries, and stressed that Al-Quds was the eternal capital of Palestine and it will remain (whither any one agree or disagree.)
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