Balqees Ramadan :national unity in public poll deserves appreciation and respect

Balqees Ramadan :national unity in public poll deserves appreciation and respect

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23, 11, 2017
On the third anniversary of the public poll, the head of the independent national commission of referendum(INCR) has pointed out in a Twitter published on the(INCR) social media accounts that the Bahrainis have passed through an historical day three years ago.
That was when they had this democratic process of public poll which meets their legal ambition. 
The head of the (INCR) made it clear that the public poll which held three years ago had shown a national unity and popular participation on balloting. That was worthy to be appreciated and respected since it reflected the national desire of real change which need to be considered by the United Nations. 
In another Twitters on the occasion of third annual anniversary of referendum, professor Balqees said that It is a shameful and disgraceful to fight an old history people with this horrible oppressive campaign as we have today in Bahrain. 
In this occasion too, she sent her greeting to all the participants, especially the Bahraini woman and administrative staffs who had worked on making it successful. She expressed her hope that the majority of people shall achieve their goals. 
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