Economy without Hamid campaign uncovers Khalifa's corruption, economic fall is close

Economy without Hamid campaign uncovers Khalifa's corruption, economic fall is close

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18, 11, 2017

The campaign of (Economy without Hamid) which had been launched by 14 Feb youth coalition, has shed light on the economic collapse under the corrupted and economic unsuccessful policies of Khalifa's regime throughout the past years. It also revealed the results of these useless acts which have caused big harms to Bahraini people while the oppression policy  has been adopted perfectly by the Khalifa's ruling family.

This big campaign has showed every hidden and exposed facts, and it presented numbers, scandals, governmental corruption files to the public opinion. It also revealed the deliberated looting and financial scandals at the expense of the citizen who pays stiff price.

Starting from the stealing of the new generation reserves funds, the raise of gross debt which reached to non preceding amounts and finally the bankruptcy which start to siege the Khalifa's economy. This has pushed the rulers of corruption to resort to Saudi Arabia and Emirates to be safe as much as possible. All these policies have exhausted the people, weakened the economy and took the country to the real economic falling levels. Too many warnings were appeared by economic experts who altered from an eminent economic collapse .

These fears have been supported by repeated declarations of the regime's official like ministers and parliamentary members who admitted the bad level of the economy.

At this time, the International monetary fund (IMF) has confirmed that Khalifa's regime had raised the interest rate of Bahraini currency, while Moody's corporation has decreased the credential ranking of Bahrain with a negative vision in the future.

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