Big elite presence and vast media coverage in Bahrain's martyrs exhibition

Big elite presence and vast media coverage in Bahrain's martyrs exhibition

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9, 11, 2017

The exhibition of Bahrain's martyrs in Karbala which organized by the 14th February youth revolution coalition has witnessed a vast elite presence of educated people , jurists, activists and religious scholars from many countries in addition to the massive visitors' presence  of Imam Husein( peace be upon him).


The representative of The right (Haq) movement, professor Abid Alghany Khanjer  has delivered the inaugural speech of the exhibition where he affirmed that there is no any regression in front of the regime and its supporters arrogance.


He has stressed on the continuation of the uprising until the end too.


The leader in the Islamic labor movement Dr. Rashid Alrashid has made a speech where he confirmed that the Bahraini people are still resisting and keeping on their revolution.


On the second day, 7,November of the exhibition, His eminence Sheik Mohammed ghijista has visited the exhibition with the delegations of the Islamic revolutionary movements, head of Sayed Alshuhadaa battalions in Karbala Sheik Tahreer Almusawy, director of Ahil al-Haq junta, in Karbala Sheik Saad Alsaadi who have delivered two speeches within the activities of the exhibition. The exhibition was attended by the Pakistani ingathering as well as a variety of scholar and public presence


The exhibition has got a big media coverage where it attended by Al-lawloa Bahraini channel, Beladi Satellite channel, Al-anwar 2 channel , Al-ahid 1 channel, Al-huja satellite channel and an elite of media men and journalists.

It is worth be mentioned that the coalition of 14 February youth revolution has distributed the public poll leaflets which have written in three different languages to the visitors who expressed their gratitude to the Bahraini uprising in the books of honor. 


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