Bahrain's martyrs exhibition reveals Khalifa's entity crimes

Bahrain's martyrs exhibition reveals Khalifa's entity crimes

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9, 11, 2017

It was only one day passed after the beginning of the Bahrain's martyrs exhibition in Karbala which has organized by the 14th February youth revolution coalition, until the Khalifa's entity denouncing calls have been raised in a bid to cover up its crimes throughout launching threats and hostile speeches against Iraq and its resisting people.

The so called Bahraini embassy in Iraq has declared its rejection of holding the Bahrain's martyrs exhibition in Karbala under the pretext of insulting Bahrain since it includes ( several wanted individuals for security issues).

Those individuals are only noble citizens who tried to show the oppression made on their country and people with the most modernized and peaceful activity.

The embassy has called on the Iraqi authorities blatantly to perform an investigation on the people who have organized this exhibition which holds every year despite the repeated demands of the Khalifa's entity to stop it.

The embassy's call  has embodied with the threat language that this exhibition which reveals the Khalifa's entity crimes has a negative impact on the Iraqi – Bahraini developmental relations.

It demanded to hand over (all the security wanted people who accused of terrorist cases and who were identified by the Kingdom of Bahrain authorities and to prevent them from performing any hostile activities against their brothers and to resort to the Iraqi official regarding this issue, according to the embassy's declaration.

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