Campaign of «economy without Hamid» :squandering budget on weapons purchase, to confront who?

Campaign of «economy without Hamid» :squandering budget on weapons purchase, to confront who?

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9, 10, 2017

The social media pages of the 14th Feb youth revolution coalition are still continuing to disclose more economical disgraces which have been caused by the drowning & corrupted entity of Khalifa's family.

The coalition had revealed in its twitter within the campaign of( economy without Hamid) that the Khalifa's government has sent letters to several banks to get loans in US dollar to settle its economic deficit.

Furthermore, the coalition has disclosed that the amounts of wasted money of the Khalifa's entity were allocated to buy bombers to its military systems.


The price of these jet bombers is about 22 million US dollar and it is going to make additional cost despite the raise of the gross debt.


The coalition was wondering for whom these weapons will be used? The normal answer is against Bahraini people who are continuing their revolutionary moves against this regime which had stolen the rights of citizenship from them.

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