14th Feb youth coalition: Saud's regime seek to wipe historical and human identity for Awamiyah

14th Feb youth coalition: Saud's regime seek to wipe historical and human identity for Awamiyah

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10, 8, 2017

The 14th February youth coalition said that the Saudi regime is repeating the Zionists entity measures against the innocents in Awamiyah.


It is taking revenge from itsdissenting people as it turned the town into a place of vengeance and shooting out.

The regime has launched continued bloody attacks against locals ,activists and stragglers thereby killing them and shows then as terrorists to the public opinion. It came within its trails to fake the truths and reversing them in front of the public community.


The coalition pointed out in a statement issued on Thursday 17,Aug 2017 that Saud's regime is seeking to wipe the historical and human identity for the city throughout its planned policies of banishment and devastating the houses of the people in the crowded cities.


It had used heavy guns and tanks to shoot these cities without taking into account the human casualties of these bloody attacks.


The regime also is continuing to hide the facts and to prevent them to be reached by media. It has used the blackout and shut down the Internet services in Awamiyah .The regime also trying to reveal faked information for the media to cover up its crimes which could be rated as a war or genocide where more than 70% of Awamiyah  people.


Meanwhile , the coalition expressed its full support with the people of Awamiyah, stressing that the Saudi terrorist attack will be successful as it plotted by Suadies who lost all the combat zones.


The blood of the stragglers will win against their oppression and crimes .

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